Visual Arts

From paint and sculpture to photography and design, The Episcopal Academy's Department of Visual Arts encourages critical thinking and creative expression.

Our dedicated faculty are masters in their craft, and believe that a visual arts education must be student-centered and collaborative in spirit.

Episcopal's excellent facilities provide students with every opportunity to build a strong portfolio and develop a personal voice. Students enjoy producing and appreciating visual art in five spacious studios, a darkroom, graphics lab, and wood shop.

Additionally, the Crawford Campus Center Gallery provides the opportunity for students to expand their appreciation of the arts through ongoing exhibitions from both peers and nationally-renowned artists.

Studying art provides me with the courage to challenge my perceptions of the world and make a bold statement.

– Amalie Hipp, Class of 2018


"I am proud of our students, who Covid pandemic and all, still had the interest and self-advocacy to submit their work for this established art competition," shared Upper School art teacher Hilary Hutchinson, Hon.

Crawford Campus Center Gallery Features Works by Art Teacher Emily Tucci

Members of the Middle School Art Club recently stopped by the Crawford Campus Center Gallery to check out a new exhibit featuring the work of their teacher, Emily Tucci. The show, titled In Memoriam : In Honorem, focuses on wildlife conservation and animal rights in the Serengeti ecosystem.


Our students create amazing things. Explore The Episcopal Academy's Visual Arts program through class blogs and galleries.

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