Theatre and Dance

Students reach new heights with Episcopal's thriving Theatre and Dance program.

The study of theatre and dance plays a huge role in positive social development. It's a vital component of our holistic education, providing Lower, Middle, and Upper School students with a grounded, experiential, and cross-curricular education.

The Episcopal Academy Department of Theatre and Dance empowers students to experience the performing arts as a form of communication and self-expression by offering students a safe and diverse exploration of the theory, creation, and practice of performance.

Because of EA Theatre, I've realized the value and relevance of theater as an art form. I've personally experienced its profound power to deeply affect people.

– Emma Smith, Class of 2015


Teaching dance combinations and choreography were some of the skills dance teacher Cara Lavallee set out to teach in her summer course, the Daily Dance Challenge. "Another skill was how to be an effective 'online' student," explained Mrs. Lavallee.

Final Performances for Honors Acting Students

Bedrooms, basements, family rooms, and home hallways served as backdrops for Honors Acting students final projects. "This exceptional group of students has really risen to the challenge of studying a performing art online," shared Theatre and Dance Director Chair Dan Clay.


From dance concerts to spring musicals, The Episcopal Academy Theatre and Dance Department offers a full season that is sure to spellbind.

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