The Episcopal Academy's Music program spans a wide range of instrumental and vocal classes and ensembles across Lower, Middle, and Upper School.

Research has consistently shown that the study of music enhances students' skills in areas ranging from motor skills to heightened language development. At Episcopal, our students are living proof of these tremendous benefits.

Our music faculty are masters in their craft and inspire within students the love of composition, performance, and theory. Students are given the opportunity to grow musically across vocal and instrumental classes, independent studies, and clubs. The opportunities to perform throughout the school year are boundless, from on-campus concerts, to conferences and orchestras across the country.

The Episcopal Academy Music Department is also focused on community service. Students share their musical talents to inspire audiences at local nursing homes and community organizations.

"The EA Music Program crafts a student’s natural talent into proficiency and establishes a lifelong sense of musicianship."

– Michael Wilkinson, Class of 2017