Crawford Campus Center Gallery

At the center of The Episcopal Academy campus is a full-scale art gallery space.

The Crawford Campus Center Gallery is an integral part of the visual arts curriculum at The Episcopal Academy. Through exhibitions and projects that include curated work of visiting artists, cross-curricular collaborations, and student shows, the Gallery inspires students, educators, artists, and all who visit.

Open during the school day (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), on weekends by appointment, and for special evening receptions, the Crawford Campus Center Gallery provides the EA community a space to explore and appreciate art together.

There is always something happening in the Crawford Campus Center Gallery. Learn more about upcoming and past gallery shows below.

"EA's gallery gives a finished sense to the hours spent in the studio by providing a unique space in which work can be widely appreciated."

– Amaal Ladha, Class of 2018

Current Show: Into the Light

Running through Feb. 28, Into the Light is a collaborative and inclusive art project. The title comes from our EA Chapel theme, “Out of the Darkness, Into the Light,” and is inspired by Anila Agha's "Intersections." Through the power of light in art, we celebrate our community’s resilience, strength, diversity, and optimism. The theme also speaks to cultural inclusion through the examination of historical precedents and imagery.

The exhibition will be located in the Crawford Campus Center Gallery and around the EA campus. Artwork created by EA students of all ages will feature light, shadow, sound, and incorporate sensory experiences. Stop by the gallery to get involved!


Dora Khayatt Art Prize Winners

"All of this year's Dora Khayatt submissions were super impressive, and in my opinion, the CCC Gallery looks as beautiful as ever, thanks to the enthusiasm, talent, and creativity of our students," said Upper School art teacher Hilary Hutchison, Hon.

Students delved into the lives of artists most had never heard of before. The assignment was to analyze the artist and provide biographical information, what material they use, what inspires them, a fun fact, and the three pieces that resonated most with the student.


Be inspired. Experience the CCCG at our upcoming shows.

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