The Arts

At Episcopal, the Arts are a fundamental component of our school community.

At Episcopal, we are passionate about the arts – and it is not only because numerous studies link art education to academic, developmental, and cultural benefits. Instead, we value the arts because these benefits perfectly mirror the mission that drives us at our core: to challenge and nurture mind, body, and spirit.

This is why we offer our students a strong, diverse program that spans visual to performing arts. From music and studio work to theatre and dance, there are countless opportunities for Episcopal students of every age to thrive creatively.

We are also home to top arts facilities, including arts, photography and graphics studios, music technology studios, two theatres, and a wood shop. Our Crawford Campus Center Gallery showcases artwork by local, nationally renowned, student, and alumni artists.

Experience the Arts.

The arts are alive on the Episcopal campus. Explore our calendar below to see upcoming events, concerts, gallery shows, and more!

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Sun, Dec 29
Mon, Dec 30
Tue, Dec 31
Wed, Jan 1
Thu, Jan 2
Fri, Jan 3
Sat, Jan 4
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Mon, Jan 6
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Mon, Jan 13
US Musical Auditions
Theater - Carrafiell Theater
Tue, Jan 14
US Musical Auditions
Theater - Carrafiell Theater
Wed, Jan 15
US Musical Auditions
Theater - Carrafiell Theater
Thu, Jan 16
Fri, Jan 17
Sat, Jan 18
US Musical Callbacks
Theater - Carrafiell Theater
Sun, Jan 19
Mon, Jan 20
Tue, Jan 21
Wed, Jan 22
LS Dance Preview
Theater - Carrafiell Theater
Thu, Jan 23
Mon, Jan 27
Wed, Jan 29
Thu, Jan 30
(Snow Date) LS Dance Preview
Theater - Carrafiell Theater
Fri, Jan 31
Sat, Feb 1