The Lilley Fellowship

Established in fall 2018, the Lilley Fellowship Fund awards fellowships to students who exemplify academic curiosity, intellectual rigor, and scholarly passion. The Fellowship program is overseen by Director of Libraries Lorie Harding, and is modeled after Yale University's Scholars of the House program that ran from 1945-1995.

The Lilley Fellowship Program offers two research opportunities available to Upper School students: the traditional Fellowship and the Advanced Independent Study. Learn more or download the applications below.

Who was William Lilley III '55?

The Lilley Fellowship is named after William Lilley III '55, whose career included teaching at Yale, working for the federal government, managing CBS, and serving as founder of both a politics publication and software company. Meet Bill

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On Wednesday, Dec. 9, The Episcopal Academy Lawyers Network (EALN) hosted the third Engage Episcopal virtual event, a conversation between an alum and a current EA student, which centered around wrongful convictions. The two speakers were welcomed by Pat Devine '05, who, along with Gordon Cooney '77 and Zac Arbitman '05, founded the EALN in 2018.