Short for January Term, JTerm is a groundbreaking interdisciplinary program that allows EA’s Upper School students to experience engaging, rigorous courses in great depth.


To celebrate the fifth year of this groundbreaking, two-week academic program, we will select five moments to feature each day.

The JTerm Daily Five: Jan. 9

To celebrate the fifth year of this groundbreaking, two-week academic program, we will select five moments to feature each day.

Class Blogs

Experience JTerm through the eyes of teachers and students by exploring individual class blogs and social media accounts.


Kitchen Chemistry: Blog

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Dance Marathon: Instagram Twitter


South Africa: Blog

Jamaica: Blog

World Wars: Twitter Blog

Stay Woke: Twitter


The Journalist's Lens: Twitter

Writing, Directing, Performing One Act Plays Twitter

The History of Racquet Sports Twitter

About JTerm

During JTerm's two-week span, each student enrolls in only one course and learns a subject area through intensive, experiential on- and off-campus study. This may include day trips, guest speakers, hands-on work, and international travel.

JTerm offers students the chance to break from the academic year's curricula to develop and broaden skills, talents, and interests. However, it also gives students the opportunity to bridge between subjects, gain appreciation for a new field, and experience learning in a new way.

Developing New Passions

With more than 30 courses offered across the natural and social sciences, arts, humanities, and service, JTerm offers learning experiences that are sure to inspire students of every interest and passion.

JTerm's interdisciplinary classes bridge the gap between seemingly different subject areas. Students refine culinary skills through studying chemistry, explore theatre technology through mastering physics, and learn about culture through analyzing economics. Courses are custom-designed by faculty of varying disciplines and backgrounds.

Exploring Beyond the Classroom

In JTerm, students learn through experience. From studying Matisse at the Museum of Modern Art, to unpacking financial literacy on Wall Street, to learning about locally produced foods at family farms, students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a subject through venturing off campus.

International JTerm courses provide students with the opportunity to embark on life-changing learning experiences around the world. Service trips to Jamaica and South Africa help create positive change in economically challenged areas, while educational tours of Florence and the Galapagos enable students to experience history where it happened and explore science up close.

Building Community

JTerm is an opportunity for the entire Episcopal Academy community to come together in the spirit of learning. Students present their final projects to their peers in other classes, teachers and students work together on engaging topics, and Middle and Lower School students are routinely invited to participate in interactive JTerm lessons.

Episcopal alumni and parents are also integral to the success of JTerm. Experts from a diversity of industries act as guest speakers, instructors, or judges, providing students with real-world perspective and inspiring feedback. In 2015, students learned from journalists, CEOs, restauranteurs, scientists, and more.