Student Activities

The Episcopal Academy offers a multitude of extra-curricular opportunities to challenge and nurture our diverse community of learners, athletes, artists, musicians, and more. Through our robust activities offerings, students of every interest, passion, and talent are sure to find enrichment and inspiration.


Library Literature Lunch Bunch

Offered throughout part of the year for interested 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Students bring a lunch and discuss the book being read by the group.

Cape Henlopen Trip

This fourth grade trip offers students an opportunity to go seining and learn about the sea creatures in the bay. The trip includes playing on the beach, swimming , a night hike and, of course, a campfire to roast marshmallows.

Happiness is Camping

The fifth grade ventures to Blairstown, New York for camping and bonding with classmates.

Culture Fest

This is the culminating event for the 4th grade studies of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. The children dress as either an ancient Egyptian or Greek, parade through the Lower School in costume, and work in groups to put together and perform skits based on the Greek myths. As teams, they participate in Olympic Games.

Lower School Set Design

During the weeks prior to each of the drama performances of the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes, students have the option to stay after school for one hour, two days per week, to help design and create the sets, backdrops and props to be used for the performances. The collaboration produces a wonderful synergy of the Arts!

Performing Ensemble Club

3rd and 4th grade students are given the opportunity to join the "Performing Ensemble Club". This Club provides accomplished musicians the chance to work on ensemble music that they would not find in a beginning lesson. The students practice before school for 30 minutes once a week to prepare selections for Chapel.

The 100th Day

Every day kindergarten students count the days of school. On the 100th Day of school the classes get together for activities to celebrate this special day.

Earth Day

Every April 22, the Lower School participates in the global celebration of Earth Day. The classes each have special activities. Seedlings planted by kindergarten on Earth day are later planted out in the garden.

Chapel Council

The Middle School Chapel Council consists of elected representatives who assist in the planning and execution of Chapel services.

Diversity Council

The Middle School Diversity Council is open to all students who want to work towards creating a community in which all students feel welcome and respected.

Student Council

The Student Council consists of elected representatives who meet with a faculty advisor to discuss issues, plan student and community service activities and convey ideas from the students to the Head of Middle School.

Days of Service

The purpose of the Days of Service program is to provide educationally enriching service opportunities to help develop a sense of responsibility to the community as a whole.

Mornings in the Middle

On Tuesdays, Students work from 7:30 until 8 a.m. on service projects developed and supported by EA’s Office of Community Outreach and Service Learning. While these projects range in scope, they help create real, positive change in our community.

Math Counts

MathCounts is a nationally run program specifically designed for MS students. The club meets weekly and takes part in team and individual competitions.

Middle School Book Club

This group meets once a week for lunch to discuss favorite reads with the Director of Libraries.

Student Publications


A creative literary and visual arts magazine produced by Upper School students.


A monthly newspaper that provides timely news and dialogue that facilitates ethical engagement in the community and the larger world.


The Episcopal Academy yearbook, providing students with an interest in photography, layout, and preserving memories of the school year with the chance to contribute to an annual publication with a 110-year history.

Vox Discipuli

Translating to “The Voice of the Student” from Latin, Vox Discipuli is a humanities journal with entries focusing on history, philosophy, literature, and more.

Diversity & Inclusion

Asian-American Student Union (AASU)

A space for Asian-American students to bring their authentic selves to conversations around culture, history, and current events.

Black Student Union (BSU)

An open environment for students to gather as a community to share their voice and opinions while discussing culture, history, and Identity while also gaining racial awareness.

Diversity Awareness Club (DAC)

Provides students with a chance to discuss a variety of topics surrounding diversity in a comfortable environment.

Queer/Straight Alliance

Raises awareness and addresses injustices faced by LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and beyond) people and their allies.

Hispanic Student Union (HSU)

Fosters a support network for students of Latin American and Spanish heritage. We aim to unite, educate, and empower Hispanic students and to create a sense of cultural identity.

Drama & Music

Domino Club

Open to all students in the Upper School, the Domino Club presents a full dramatic program. Included are three major productions as well as the dance concert.

Bella Voce

An all-female a cappella group.

The Episcopal Academy “Stripes”

“Stripes” provides an opportunity for male students to have a non-auditioned choral experience in a club setting.

The Improv Club

An improvisational group that performs for the Episcopal community at Open Mic Night and other venues.


French, Hispanic, Classical, and Chinese Honor Societies

The honor societies recognize outstanding scholarship in the study of these languages.

Clubs & Activities

Book Club

An informal group of students, faculty, and staff that discusses favorite fiction, nonfiction, and authors.

Chess Club

Welcomes both beginners and experienced chess players.

China Club

Promotes and fosters an appreciation of the Chinese language and culture.

Classics Club

Cultivates interest in Ancient Greece and Rome with fun activities, involvement with NJCL (National Junior Classical League), and an exploration of ancient cultures.

Creative Writing Club

Provides students with a creative outlet in which they can brainstorm new ideas, try writing prompts, and seek writing support from peers.

Dance Club

An opportunity for students to learn an exciting dance choreographed by other students.

Da Vinci Club

Promotes community through the arts and celebrates students’ need to create art beyond the classroom.

Eco-Action Club
Promotes sustainability awareness among the student body in a hands-on fashion as well as implements projects that make a significant impact to EA's environmental footprint.

Episcopal Science Society (ESS)

ESS encourages scientific inquiry among the student body by providing a venue for those interested to convene and discuss all aspects of modern and historic science.

French Club

Promotes the French language through conversation, movies, games, food and activities in order to learn about the cultural aspect of France in a social setting that is fun and low-key.

GRASP (Get Real About Social Problems)

Informs students about making good decisions concerning drugs, alcohol, and other social aspects of adolescence.

Harry Potter Club

Promotes discussion of Harry Potter books and films.


Holds monthly in-house debates for the Upper School community and the MacBean Bowl, a three-round debate tournament.

Clubs & Activities, cont'd.

Key Club

Members assist the Admission Office by serving as hosts for prospective students and tour guides for parents.

Math Club

Discusses mathematical problems and ideas in a social setting friendly to mathematically inclined students.

Model United Nations

Gives students an opportunity to experience what being a delegate at the United Nations is like. Students are assigned a country and a committee.

Mock Trial Club

Competes against other high school teams before a Court of Common Pleas judge where a jury of attorneys decides the case and scores the competitors.

Pop Culture

Investigates mainstream American culture. Students discuss current events pertaining to celebrities, TV shows, movies, books, fashion, and music.

Problem Solvers

Focuses on practicing for the AMC/AIME and solving problems and submitting solutions to prestigious MAA publications.


A member of the First Robotics Competition (FRC), an international “varsity sport of the mind.” The team is challenged to build and program a robot to perform specific tasks against a field of competitors.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club promotes and fosters the use of Spanish in a low-pressure environment beyond the classroom.

Tech Crew Club

Provides an outside experience working on shows in tech crew, and supports the Domino Club productions and other events campus-wide.

Understanding Racial Affinity

Empowers students to share their experience of race and ethnicity.

World Affairs Club

Welcomes all students who wish to discuss domestic and international political, economic and social events. Promotes global awareness and exposes students to different cultures through movies, speakers, discussions and international cuisine.

Young Democrats Club

The Young Democrats discuss current events and become involved with local and national elections.

Young Republicans

Discusses current events, political candidates, and issues relevant to the two-party system. All views are welcome for lively debate.