Esse Quam Videri Society

EQV strives to unify The Episcopal Academy community and foster a sense of family by modeling positive leadership.

Esse Quam Videri (EQV) is a student leadership group made up of 10 EA seniors who are elected by their peers and the Upper School faculty on the basis of leadership potential and proven senses of integrity, honesty, and respect. The function of the group is two-fold: it seeks to cultivate a positive and inclusive culture in the school community and it seeks to grow the leadership capacities of each of the EQV members.

EQV begins its service and growth experience with a two-day retreat prior to the beginning of the school year, as part of which the members plan and execute welcome and orientation activities for all students new to the Upper School and participate in experiential learning activities to begin to understand personal leadership traits and group functionality. It is also during this retreat that the students begin the process of brainstorming their initiatives for the year.

Annual initiatives vary widely but all aim at increasing a sense of unity, positivity, and pride. Examples of past initiatives include: class competitions for maximum spectatorship at arts and athletic events; shield pin awards for random acts of kindness and integrity; pen pal systems between the Lower and Upper School; and faculty-student bonding opportunities.