Commitment 6

Enhance recruiting, hiring, support, and retention practices to ensure that faculty, staff, and administrators from all backgrounds are welcomed to the community and valued as integral to EA’s strength.

Our community is stronger when individuals from all backgrounds feel welcome and empowered to be authentically themselves here. All students benefit from learning with teachers with wide-ranging perspectives and experiences, and a diverse faculty is better equipped to support a diverse student body.

The racial and ethnic diversity of our faculty does not yet match that of our students, but new faculty recruitment practices have yielded promising outcomes. Episcopal has strengthened relationships with organizations that work with teachers of color, and we have ensured that all faculty hiring processes prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the past three years, more than a third of our new faculty members and administrators have identified as people of color, but we recognize that recruiting a diverse faculty is only part of the solution. Moving forward, we will further develop employee engagement practices, learning from other schools and organizations to ensure that employees from all backgrounds feel connected, included, and empowered at Episcopal.

Our Progress