Commitment 5

Ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts have the staffing and funding they need, and that they are seen as integral to all aspects of school life and to the fulfillment of the school’s mission.

For diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to be transformative they must impact all areas of the school. Achieving this requires both community buy-in and a team of professionals working on targeted DEI initiatives. Episcopal first added a leadership position specifically related to DEI over two decades ago with the addition of the Director of Multicultural Affairs. This position eventually evolved into the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. More recently, we have added stipends for teachers to act as DEI coordinators to develop programming and support for students and teachers. We now have two of these coordinators in each division.

The portfolio of responsibilities for our Director of DEI and DEI coordinators includes supporting students and families, designing and planning programming, recruiting teachers and staff, attracting new families to the school, facilitating curricular developments, and more. The scope, scale, and significance of this work requires a thoughtful allocation of human resources. To positively impact the school in all of these areas, we will evaluate staffing structures for DEI personnel, learning from other schools and organizations and ensuring that we have the people and positions we need.

Our Progress