Conduct an audit of the true costs for full participation in the EA experience, and develop new strategies and procedures to ensure that the school is truly inclusive and equitable.

Episcopal’s commitment to tuition assistance allows access to an Episcopal Academy education for hundreds of students annually who would otherwise be unable to attend the school. EA is a better school because of this. However, there are costs associated with an EA education that are not addressed by tuition assistance.

Recent efforts have helped ensure that students whose families receive financial aid can participate in co-curricular programming and trips, but there is more to do. To create a more equitable community, Episcopal administration must better understand families’ costs above tuition, and find ways to provide them with appropriate financial support so that costs impeding full access do not limit the experience of EA students.

Our Progress

A team of administrators and parents is analyzing the full cost of the EA experience to better ensure that families' financial restraints do not exclude students from participating in key aspects of an Episcopal education. This group's research and insights will help guide EA in distributing aid beyond tuition more proactively, as well as create better pathways for families to request aid beyond tuition.

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