Commitment 2

Amend all policies to include more explicit and robust protections, including the development of multiple paths to safely alert the school of harassment, discrimination, or intolerance.

Feeling safe is a prerequisite for learning and growth, and ensuring that all members of the Episcopal community are included and protected by their school is essential. Recent transitions toward restorative discipline practices emphasizing accountability and making amends have helped move our community in this direction. Likewise, Episcopal’s adoption of the state of Pennsylvania’s “Safe2Say Something” program in 2019 provides an additional anonymous way to identify individuals who may be a threat to others or themselves.

School policies and procedures must confront the fact that members of marginalized and underrepresented groups face harassment, discrimination, and intolerance more frequently than the larger community. We will review and revise these systems and strengthen discrimination policies to ensure that all students and employees feel safe and know they belong at Episcopal.

Our Progress