Chapel is a worship service adapted from The Book of Common Prayer. Upper School students and faculty join together on odd days of the eight-day rotation. Middle School students and faculty come together on even days of the eight-day rotation. Lower School Chapel occurs twice in the 12-day cycle.

Guest speakers, dignitaries, faculty, staff, parents, and students address the Chapel theme for the year. Students of each division take further responsibility by planning their own services through their respective Chapel Councils and Student Vestry.

Chapel provides an opportunity to inspire students to think how they can lead lives of purpose, faith and integrity. It also offers time for students and faculty to ask two important questions: What do I know about the world, and what do I want to do about it? Ultimately, Chapel provides an opportunity for students and teachers to reflect how we are part of something greater than ourselves and why we must respect the individual dignity of every human being. In essence, in chapel we learn that worship should lead to service.

An inclusive, Christian community, The Episcopal Academy welcomes and embraces all people with warmth and authentic hospitality. Chapel is where our student musicians share their gifts with the community; where ancient stories come alive; and where our entire community comes together to encourage one another on our individual faith journeys.

Chapel News

Discover Chapel through the inspiring words of our guest speakers and interactive programs. Keep up to date with our Chapel Program through our Chapel News page, or watch past years' Upper School Chapel Talks.

Tim Gavin

Tim Gavin was ordained to Holy Orders on January 12, 2013. He has worn many hats at the Episcopal Academy: Media Specialist in the library, Dean of Students, Form Dean, English and religion teacher, and Lower School Chaplain. Tim can boast that he has taught every grade at EA since his arrival in 1988.

Now our Head Chaplain, Tim directs the spiritual program and offers pastoral care to our community. He also leads the partnership program for St. Marc’s School in Haiti, and has developed a partnership between EA’s 5th grade and St. James School (Philadelphia) fifth grade.

Tim is married to Joyce and has two sons, Jake and Nick. He loves to run long distances and walk his two golden retrievers, Lizzie and Colby.

Michael Palmisano

Michael Palmisano was ordained to the priesthood on January 17, 2020. Prior to receiving the call to serve as EA’s Middle School chaplain, Michael served for three years as an Associate Rector at Church of the Redeemer in Bryn Mawr, PA. Michael has a passion for inviting a sense of wonder in young people and helping them foster their own spiritual life. He understands that a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to development is essential for all people.

Michael received his M.Div. from Virginia Theological Seminary, his M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Villanova University and his A.B. in Psychology from Princeton University.

Michael is married to Theresa and has twin daughters Rogan and Aline. He and Theresa met on their college track & field team and share a passion for running.

The Episcopal Academy offers three chaplains who are on-call to serve the spiritual and intellectual needs of the entire community. If you have a pastoral emergency, please call Fr. Tim Gavin at 610.656.5474. Read more about our chaplains' services below:

The Episcopal Academy Chapel program is home to many rich traditions. Read more by selecting the tradition from the menu below.

Designed by alumnus and Pritzker Prize winner Robert Venturi ’44, the Class of 1944 Chapel seats 900 and features a 180-degree arc. The Chapel is the centerpiece of Episcopal’s campus. Situated at the highest point of the Clark Campus Green, it is home to many historic items taken from Christ Chapel on Episcopal’s former Merion campus, including stained glass windows and organ pipes.

Chapel Organ

The Chapel organ required more than four years of planning and construction. It was completed by R. J. Brunner & Co. of Silver Spring, PA in 2008. Read more here.

Bible Study meets twice monthly. All are welcome to attend the class, which meets at 8 a.m. in the chapel conference room.

We will study the concept of Radical Hospitality and how we can apply the concept to our daily lives. The Bible, time and time again, offers illustrations of the concept. From the moment of creation in Genesis, God offers radical hospitality to humankind by making them in his image. Abraham demonstrates radical hospitality to the three strangers who visit Sara and him. The prophets explain that Israel's exile is the result of neglecting offer Radical Hospitality to the poor. The father of the Prodigal Son embraces his youngest son with Radical Hospitality as he returns home after losing everything. Of course, Jesus' ministry, passion and death are all motivated and informed with the concept of Radical Hospitality.

We as a community can hold fast to what is good by living Radical Hospitality and welcoming everyone into our community, granting them dignity, affirmation and love. Through Radical Hospitality, we can make the stranger our neighbor and break through the barriers that separate us.

Please join Bible Study to explore how Radical Hospitality can be applied to our everyday lives.

Fr. Tim offers an online course to prepare for Confirmation in The Episcopal Church. The course design allows students who are interested in being confirmed in The Episcopal Church the opportunity to guide themselves through the course module by reading various assignments, completing different exercises, and scheduling group meetings with Fr. Tim to review all that has been learned.

The sacrament of Confirmation is scheduled either at St. Alban’s Church during Bishop Gutierrez’s visit or scheduled to occur in our chapel at the Bishop’s convenience. For more information, contact Fr. Tim by email: