Chapel is a worship service adapted from The Book of Common Prayer. Upper School students and faculty join together on odd days of the eight-day rotation. Middle School students and faculty come together on even days of the eight-day rotation. Lower School Chapel occurs twice in the 12-day cycle.

Guest speakers, dignitaries, faculty, staff, parents, and students address the Chapel theme for the year. Students of each division take further responsibility by planning their own services through their respective Chapel Councils and Student Vestry.

Chapel provides an opportunity to inspire students to think how they can lead lives of purpose, faith and integrity. It also offers time for students and faculty to ask two important questions: What do I know about the world, and what do I want to do about it? Ultimately, Chapel provides an opportunity for students and teachers to reflect how we are part of something greater than ourselves and why we must respect the individual dignity of every human being. In essence, in chapel we learn that worship should lead to service.

An inclusive, Christian community, The Episcopal Academy welcomes and embraces all people with warmth and authentic hospitality. Chapel is where our student musicians share their gifts with the community; where ancient stories come alive; and where our entire community comes together to encourage one another on our individual faith journeys.

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Day of Service Reflections

This spring, every Middle School student had the opportunity to live the Stripes during their grade-level Day of Service. However, to turn action into reflection, this year, the Middle School community focused not just on what happened during the Day of Service, but on what service means.