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Stephen Staid - Baseball

Stephen Staid - Baseball

What do you enjoy most about EA Baseball?

"Playing for EA Baseball over the years has brought me closer to a group of guys that I can trust and call family than any other team, group, or activity. Baseball has been the catalyst that has driven me to push myself in competition while bonding and making friendships that will last a lifetime. For that, I am forever thankful." 

Advice to teammates?

"Be relaxed, whether during the game getting your first few reps, or in practice trying your hardest to make a position. The key is to be relaxed. Something that I would often do was psych myself out about messing up when I know I've done the practice and all the prerequisites to succeeding on the field. Your coaches would never put you in a spot they know you are going to fail: they have their trust in you. So the best thing you can do is take a step back, breathe and have trust in yourself too."

College Plans

University of Michigan

Coach Tom Grandieri

'Stephen is a pleasure to be around. He is a very smart, cerebral young man who always cared and worked to get better. He had a little taste of Varsity innings last year and worked very hard to come into this season ready to roll and we were excited to use Stephen in big spots," said Coach Tom Grandieri.

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