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Sophia Garino - Girls' Lacrosse

Sophia Garino - Girls' Lacrosse

What do you love most about EA Lacrosse?

"What I love most about lacrosse is the team aspect of it. I love how much chemistry a team can build up and become so strong because of the chemistry." 

Words of advice for EA teammates?

"My word of advice to the team is to be confident in what you know you can do and become confident in other aspects by working hard." 

College Plans

University of Richmond

Coach Josie Tomaino

"Sophia is a tough and dynamic defender who has worked very hard to refine her footwork and stick skills. Her athleticism and ability to play multiple roles within our defensive unit and in the midfield have been a great asset to the team. Over her career, Sophia has demonstrated a strong commitment to the program and to her teammates. We wish her all the best in her academic endeavors at Richmond!" shared Coach Josie Tomaino.


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