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Melanie Lim - Girls' Lacrosse

Melanie Lim - Girls' Lacrosse

What do you love about EA Lacrosse?

"I love the team aspect. I joined because I wanted to be a part of the team but instead I got a family."

Words of advice to teammates?

"Make the most of it. You will not regret it. As much as it’s hard now, you will miss it." 


College Plans

Wesleyan University where Melanie will play DIII field hockey

Coach Josie Tomaino

"Mel joined the team for her final season at EA and we’re so glad she did. Melanie is a fearless athlete with a really fun sense of humor. We are so glad she spent her final season at EA with the girls’ lacrosse program!" said Coach Josie Tomaino.



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