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Louisa Baxter - Girls' Lacrosse

Louisa Baxter - Girls' Lacrosse

What do you love most about EA Lacrosse?

"What I love most about lacrosse is how it pushes me out of my comfort zone and how I am always encouraged by the support of my amazing teammates/coaches to be courageous and take risks even when I am uncomfortable. I have learned the most about myself and athletics in these uncomfortable moments." 

Words of advice for teammates?

"A word of advice I would leave with my teammates is to cherish your moments playing lacrosse and to make the most of every moment you have with this incredible group. But don’t only cherish the good moments, cherish and remember the ones that were difficult and not always the fun parts (like run tests or moments you weren't successful) because those moments help you learn and become a better athlete, and also because remembering your struggles and obstacles make the successes feel even more deserved. Knowing you had to work hard and overcome obstacles to get to success/championships makes the wins feel that much more worthy and earned." 

College Plans

Georgetown University where Louisa will play DI field hockey

Coach Josie Tomaino

"Louisa has been a dedicated member of our program over the last four years, while also being an impact player on the varsity field hockey field. Louisa is a hard-working and fierce defender, who has grown so much as a player over her career. Her coachability and commitment to the team will be a huge asset to the Georgetown field hockey team this fall!" shared Coach Josie Tomaino.



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