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Lauren Bassett - Girls' Lacrosse

Lauren Bassett - Girls' Lacrosse

What do you love most about EA Lacrosse?

"What I love most about lacrosse is the team environment. This truly is a selfless sport where everyone on the team needs to work together, and I think that is something special."

Words of advice for EA teammates

"My advice to my EA teammates is to take a deep breath every once in a while and appreciate how far you have come. We are all always striving to be better all the time, and it's important to allow yourself to also feel proud of who you are right now." 

College Plans

Williams College

Coach Josie Tomaino

"Lauren has a heart of gold! She is an incredibly hard-working, determined, and sincere young woman. She jumped into the program with both feet this season and her enthusiasm was contagious. We’ll miss her positive energy and smile every day!" shared Coach Josie Tomaino. 








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