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Laura Null - Track & Field

Laura Null - Track & Field

Why do you love about EA Track & Field?

"I love track because it is a team effort with individual contributors. Many people think that racing is an individual accomplishment; however, the only reason we are able to get out on the track and train through whatever the conditions is because we are doing it right alongside our teammates. I love that when I am pushing myself to run faster, I am also pushing the girl beside me to run faster and through training, as a team, we are constantly only making each other better which is clearly shown through our success and team dynamic at races and at every practice, because we show out as a team."

Advice for EA teammates?

"My advice is to always be the best teammate you can be. We celebrate each other's PR's, we console each other on a rough race because having each other's back is essential to the team being able to succeed. I know that every time I am on the starting line that I have every single person's support to do my best and that they are cheering me on, which makes me run the best race I can for the team. It takes a certain level of humility to constantly be competing against your teammates while also cheering them on; however, without this, the sport can quickly drop to trying to tear each other down instead of building each other up which doesn’t make anyone improve." 

College Plans

George Washington University

Coach John Goens

"Laura has grown into a true competitor over the years. A hard driver at practice, Laura always holds the bar high and expects a lot from herself each day in the hurdles, one of the most technical events in the sport. I am so proud of where she stands as a senior leader," shared Coach John Goens.

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