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Kemi Odeyemi - Girls' Track & Field

Kemi Odeyemi - Girls' Track & Field

What do you love most about EA Track & Field?

"The close relationships that I’ve formed through track and field here at EA are ones that I will cherish forever. The amount of support that I’ve had at each meet as I’m sprinting on the track truly shows that our team uplifts each member in every way possible. I also love that each time that I step onto the track, either in a practice or in a meet, I’m competing against myself, always striving to perfect my technique and shorten my time. The feeling that I get every time I cross the finish line is a feeling that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world."

Advice to teammates?

"Cherish all of the time that you spend on the track with your teammates. Even though it may often feel that track is more of an individual sport, always know that your teammates are by your side and ready to support you. Although some practices will be hard, always run that last lap to your best ability and remember that feeling that you get when you lean forward over the finish line."

College plans


Coach John Goens

"Kemi realized her potential in the sport early on and worked hard each day to bring herself to the next level of success with each indoor and outdoor season. As a senior, Kemi is now one of the fastest kids in Delaware County. Kemi has brought Episcopal continued success in the sprinting events," shared Coach John Goens.


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