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Caroline Vander - Softball

Caroline Vander - Softball

What do you love about EA Softball?

"I’ve loved getting to be a part of a team that wholeheartedly supports one another. I’ve learned so much from them and formed some really meaningful friendships with them."

Advice for teammates?

"Don’t waste time apologizing for a mistake on the field; learn from it and don’t do it again."

College Plans

Duke University

Coach Kelly Edwards

“Caroline plays such a crucial part in making our team whole. She is witty, sarcastic, dedicated, and conscientious. She makes the team laugh when they need it most, she doesn’t make excuses, and she pushes herself to be better every single day. Caroline leads by example. She will never fully accept the impact she has had on this team, but we will certainly feel it when we return next season without our imperturbable left fielder," shared Coach Kelly Edwards.


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