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Brendan Voelker - Boys' Lacrosse

Brendan Voelker - Boys' Lacrosse

What do you enjoy most about EA Lacrosse?

"The feeling when a turnover is finally caused after a long possession and working and being with the team."

Words of advice to teammates?

"Just keep working at it, even if it doesn't seem like you'll get play time this year. The thing I regret most about high school is not working hard enough in sports as a lower classman."

College Plans

Georgetown University

Coach Chris Bates 

"It’s been gratifying to watch Brendan really develop in every way over his years at EA.  In addition to his contributions in the classroom, he worked hard to become a starter on both the football and lacrosse teams. Brendan is a great example of what we hope our student-athletes at Episcopal represent," shared Coach Chris Bates. 

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