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Blake Martin - Baseball

What do you enjoy most about EA Baseball?

"What I love most about Baseball is the relationships it has allowed me to build over the years. More specifically at Episcopal. Episcopal Baseball has given me more than I could have ever asked for out of a program and I’m forever grateful for that. I wouldn’t trade the memories with my teammates and coaches for anything." 

Words of advice to teammates?

"To the freshmen, sophomores and juniors who will be taking over this program, cherish every pitch, stretch, swing, and practice you have with each other because you won’t appreciate it until you don’t." 

College Plans

Bucknell University 

Coach Tom Grandieri

"The first person you’d hear and the last person you’d hear was Blake. He was everyone’s biggest cheerleader and a much-needed spark for our program. And when his name was called, he was always ready to go full bore and be that spark we needed. His wittiness and smile will be something we will all miss. Blake was a great representative for EA as a whole and the baseball program more specifically," shared Coach Tom Grandieri.

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