New Members Welcomed to Vestry & Student Council

New members of the Vestry and Student Council were installed during Chapel on Thursday, April 27.

Outgoing Senior Warden Evie Aldridge '23 and Accounting Warden Kevin Landaiche '23 thanked all of the graduating members and welcomed new Senior Warden Na'rome Rayborn '24 and the new Accounting Warden Conor Gaul '24.

All of the rising seniors on the Vestry were presented with the Book of Common Prayer.

Na'rome shared the Covenant Agreement that each Vestry member signs: "Institution of membership to the Vestry requires each member, both newly elected and incumbent members, to honor The Mission of The Episcopal Academy by living the Stripes and respecting the individual dignity of every human being. Each member signs the Covenant Agreement of The Vestry to symbolize his or her commitment to the duty and nature of this calling. In signing this covenant, they acknowledge that if they fail to follow it as prescribed, they will forfeit their position. Both new and current members have signed the Covenant Agreement."

Watch the installation of the Vestry and new Student Council members.

2023-2024 Vestry Members: Connor Chambers '24, Jacob Kim '24, Tim Landaiche '24, Hanna-Mae Legaspi '24, Theo Engleman '25, Elizabeth Hershey '25, Daniel Adibi '26, Brandon Bin '26, Lucia Forte '26, and Anna Lunn '26.

Outgoing Student Council President Chelsea Swei '23 passed the ceremonial mace to new president Sydney Richter '24. "I am honored and grateful to be representing a new group of student council members," said Sydney. "I am excited to bring in fresh ideas and help better our school community."

Class of 2024 Student Council Members: Bella Notaro, Zane Miller-Swatski, Gracie O'Neill, Ronak Nagar, JJ Bellinghieri, and Fernando Loor.

Class of 2025 Student Council Members: Connor Marciano, Caroline Powell, Aiden Tsaturyan, Blen Ashenafi, Michael DiMonte, and Matt Limaye.

Class of 2026 Student Council Members: Kameron Carson, Chace Hixon, Caleb Lebowitz, Ryann Newcomb, Frank Shanahan, and Roman Notaro.