Students Celebrated at Honors Chapel

Each fall during Honors Chapel, Upper School students are recognized for their academic accomplishments from the prior year.

“Following the conclusion of the previous academic calendar, members of the Upper School faculty meet one final time to select students whose level of academic success the preceding year is worthy of special recognition,” Head of Upper School Mike Letts, Hon. explained. “Considering your collective accomplishments as a student body, this selection process is quite arduous and is undertaken with great sincerity by the faculty. Ultimately, recipients are selected for awards that encompass leadership, character, service, and scholarship.”

During this year’s Honors Chapel on Tuesday, Sept. 26, students were awarded prizes in all academic disciplines as well as for leadership and dedication to community outreach.

The 15 seniors who were named National Merit Semifinalists last week were recognized in front of their peers, as were this year’s College Board National Recognition winners: Austin Bouvel, Avery Elliott, and Fernando Loor.

Additionally, 12 seniors were inducted into the Cum Laude Society, which represents students in the top ten percent of the Class of 2024. Inductees include: JJ Bellinghieri, Pearce Buckley, David Cataldo, Jack Crowley, Sophia Hu, Michelle Jiang, Ava Roberts, Brendan Schlitt, Colin Schlitt, Gavin Schmidt, Connor Shanahan, and Nayan Shankaran.

See the complete list of winners.