Honors 3-D Design IV: The Space Within

The creative sculptures of nine Upper School students from the Honors 3-D Design IV class are now featured on pedestals in the Crawford Campus Center Gallery for a new pop-up show, The Space Within, to be displayed through March 21. 

"When I saw how the pieces were coming together during this class assignment, I realized that their beautiful pieces could create a strong show," said Upper School Art Teacher Hilary Hutchison, Hon. "I asked the class if they were interested in a show and they said yes, so we created a deadline and went from there."

After looking at the work of British sculptor Barbara Hepworth, Ms. Hutchison introduced the class to working with plaster of paris as a direct sculpting medium. "Students created several small clay maquettes before deciding on the design for their larger work," she explained. "They were asked to design pieces that were non-representational and incorporated a negative space."

"Once we picked the mini sculpture we liked best, we created something resembling the form with pieces of styrofoam," Talia Thomas '25 said. "Then, we added the plaster to form new angles and add volume, used cheese grater-like tools to make the surfaces even, and ultimately sanded our pieces for that shine and smoothness. I think that all the pieces look amazing together and make you feel a sense of calmness when you walk in the room."

Although the pieces themselves are the main focal point, the class was heavily involved in the process of putting the actual gallery show together as well, including helping to choose the wall color, assembling the pedestals and placing their work, pouring cement bases for the sculptures, and coming up with a title for their sculpture. 

The student-artists excitedly held a gallery reception on Friday, March 15, to showcase their work to the EA community amongst the sounds of the Chamber Ensemble.

"Seeing all the pieces together in the gallery I am amazed at all the hard work my classmates and I put into these projects," said Bridget Murphy '25. "It has been a tedious process, and putting them on their stands in the gallery has completed the look."

In addition to enjoying the various mediums that students get to use in Honors 3-D Design IV, Talia says what she loves most is the "comfortability" she has in the class. "We are all students with a common passion, and we have fun with it. We have created a space where people are free to express themselves with their art. My peers continue to push me to my full creative abilities, force me to think outside the box, and encourage me to be a better artist every day."

Bridget echoed Talia's sentiment. "As a student-artist, I am inspired by professional artists as well as my peers. There are so many talented artists at EA, and they inspire me to pursue my art as well." 

Students who contributed pieces to the gallery show include Alexandra Chadwick '24, Kaleigh Criville '24, Velina Feuzeu '24, Jenna Morley '24, Bridget Murphy '25, Hailey Rosenberg '25, Tatum Schmedlen '25, Sophia Sturm '25, and Talia Thomas '25.

"The gallery looks elegant, and I am very proud of this group of artists!" Ms. Hutchison exclaimed.