Albert Chen '23 Named Main Line Student of the Week

Senior Albert Chen has been selected Main Line Student of the Week.

Albert is involved with student government, is the E-Scholium editor, plays on the varsity squash team, and is a volunteer with Squash Smarts.

Outside of Episcopal, Albert is a research intern with Penn’s Perleman School of Medicine, in the Department of Radiology. He has worked in the Laboratory for Structural, Physiologic, and Functioning Imaging (LSPFI). 

"The most interesting thing I’ve learned through this experience is just how exciting the intersection between medicine and technology is," explained Albert. "I’ve been passionate about computer science since a young age but have often felt like I’ve only been making superficial toys. When I saw how computer science and AI have been making a real difference and saving lives when applied to the medical field, I was awestruck."

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