A Litany of Thanksgiving

In this season of Thanksgiving, we often ask ourselves and others: "What are you thankful for?" When this question was posed to our youngest students in PreK to 3rd grade during Stripes class, their answers served as a reminder to always show thanks for the smallest things and for the greatest things.

Their list, "A Litany of Thanksgiving," was shared by Chapel Council members during Lower School Thanksgiving Chapel on Monday, Nov. 20. In no particular order, they are thankful for:

Our world, shelter, sisters and brothers, our families and friends, PE class, teddy bears, horseback riding, doctors who help us, celebrations when you score in a game, warm and cozy beds, the Eagles, picnics, happiness, crafts, sharp pencils to write with, fruits and vegetables, grass to play in, and Alexa and Siri.

For mom and dads, Episcopal Academy, different seasons and temperatures, loving people, nature, our five senses, Diwali, all of our wonderful teachers, ice cream, rubber bands, Lulu the hamster, moonlight, Wi-Fi, our community, making fires in the firepit, the Phillies, history, the sky, math and reading, and fun places to visit in the USA.

For God, our grandparents, cute ducks, special pictures that hang on the wall, electricity, EA’s new playground, Rubik’s cubes, having a catch with dad, Target, the piano, snow globes, birthdays, unicorn PJs, funny jokes, mac n' cheese, karate, groovy dance moves, rain, babysitters, and our pets who have passed away.

For police officers and firefighters, dogs, the Golden Rule, Croatian food, a dry basement, art class, snow days, a pond to fish in, the Stripes, fresh air, backpacks, music, Providence Animal Center, kindness from others, water, sunshine, Nifty Fifty’s, and Kit Kats.

For love, Jesus, trees, Oreos, warm boots, flashlights, movies, pools, slides and swings, lions, skiing, french fries, soccer, our neighbors, comfort, planets, St. James School, beautiful fall leaves, sushi, the beach, and the Phillie Phanatic.

For our classes, the sun, moon and stars, Xbox, seeing dinosaur bones in rocks at the desert, smiley faces, numbers, elephants, lovely memories, medicine, Wyoming, the Sixers, the library, M&Ms, babies, handshakes and highfives, Generosity, and going to Wawa.

For calamari, LEGOs, food security, William Penn, our homes, planes to take us places, clean drinking water, lizards, singing in Chapel, skiing in the winter, Spirit Week, jerseys to wear, the many things God gives to us, pizza, golf, birthdays, and that we live in a free country.

For Social Studies, bananas, Christmas, recess, Barbies, latkes, parties, macaroons, smelling flowers, Dunkin’, dance class, playing hockey, Sunday School, Google, stuffies, making bracelets, privileges, trips to California, hotdogs, presents, and peace.

For cats, our neighbors, going for a walk with the whole family, aunts and uncles, spiders because they make webs to catch flies, plants, money,  yummy EA lunches, weekends, slime, blankets, YouTube, Jalen Hurts, transportation, pretzels, action figures, and all the love we feel.

For beautiful days to play outside, our health, shoes, cousins, chicken fingers, books, Transformers, Christmas, mountains, going to the mall with our families, getting candy from the candy jar, the universe, good friends, pizza, playdates, chocolate chip cookies, and lizards.

"Let us be thankful for all of those things we have, and let us not worry about those things we don’t have," concluded 5th grader Jay Powell. "We are so very blessed in many ways and with many good things. Have a Happy Thanksgiving."