EA Rowers Compete in Virtual Erg Race - Main Line Slide
EA rowers competed in the Main Line Slide, a virtual erg race, the weekend of Feb. 6-7.

"It was another great weekend for the winter rowers," said Varsity Rowing Coach Molly Konopka, Hon. "Six students (and one coach) entered the Main Line Slide race and we came away with 5 medals and 4 wins!"

Event results:

Men's Master D (50-54) - Rob Maier (EA coach) - 1st - 6:34.7

Men's U23 - Peter Woodville '21 - 1st - 6:27.3

Men's U19 Lightweight - Will Konopka '22 - 1st - 6:49.6

Men's U19 - Arya Venugopalan '21 - 1st - 6:23.8

Men's High School Freshman - Rohan Sivakumar '24 - 2nd - 7:34.7

Women's U19 -

Caden Collins '23 - 5th place - 8:10.4
Caroline Sewell '23- 7th place - 8:13.8

"We are all so excited to get on the water this spring. We have all been off since March 12, 2020. Everyone was excited to hear that some of the colleges have gotten out off of Boathouse Row this week, so, it is looking good for the spring season," shared Coach Konopka. "Even the cold days this spring will seem a little bit more rewarding since we know what it was like to lose all of the last spring, summer, and fall."