January 11: Today's JTerm Highlights

Mock Trial: Students in this class are experiencing the fast pace of working in the legal field. Today the group spent the day at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. hearing oral arguments. Yesterday, the team competed in a mock trial against Strath Haven High School- after just a week of preparation. Teachers Jen Maier and Lynne Hay are working with these would-be lawyers. "To go up against a school that has been working with this case for over two months and give them a run for their money was amazing," said Mrs. Maier. "Judge Charles Burr said at the end of the trial that this was the best mock trial he had ever seen. Wow!" The JTerm prosecution team will present its case on Friday before two local attorneys.

Comparative Anatomy: Today's focus was on dissection. Students had the opportunity to dissect and examine pig, cow, and sheep hearts, under the direction of teacher Dr. Kelley Bethoney. The first order of business is to remove any fat surrounding the hearts so students can get a clearer look at the cardiovascular system. The aorta, pulmonary vein and artery, and the apex are of particular interest to these curious scientists. "It's really cool because you can compare how animal systems are similar to human systems," said sophomore Alyssa Sheffy. During the two-week course, students have visited the Mutter Museum, The Franklin Institute, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Drexel's Museum of Natural Sciences and Penn's Museum of Anthropology. "It was interesting to talk with doctors at CHOP about their medical school experience and why they chose to go into the medical field," said senior Jermaine Rhoden. He is potentially interested in the field of pediatric surgery. On tap for tomorrow- snake dissections.

Building Understanding: Today marked the first day these 17 students were on campus during JTerm. The class has spent their time volunteering at MANNA, Philabundance, Broad Street Ministries, SHARE, and the Feast of Justice Food Pantry. Students started the day with a casserole blitz. The afternoon was spent making packets of rice (50 pounds) and beans (25 pounds) to be delivered to Feast of Justice. "I have liked going out everyday and doing something and making a difference," shared freshman Noble Brigham. During their work at Feast of Justice, students were personal shoppers for clients who stopped in to select food and items from the free thrift shop. Teachers: Grace Winfield and Eric Mundy.

Building Stories of Community and Conservation- Service Learning in Costa Rica: Students on this service-oriented trip spent one of their final days in Costa Rica helping at the Ostional Wildlife Center. EA Community Outreach Coordinator Becky Brinks, Perry Zanki and students also volunteered in the impoverished town of Martina Bustos-- helping with clean-up, landscaping and playing with some of the local children.