This Week in Chapel: March 2-6

2019-2020 Chapel Theme: "Hope does not disappoint." The passage is from Paul's Letter to the Romans, chapter 5, verse 5.

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Upper School Chapel

Thursday March 5 - Nicholas Christos '20

Nicholas Christos, a member of the senior class, addressed his classmates about how Episcopal has shaped him since entering our school at four years old. He explained that the experiences outside of the classroom had the greatest impact. He shared his reflections on service and political engagement. He reminisced about his time at UCHC (a soup kitchen in Philadelphia) and how talking to people after serving them food made him see the world differently. He shared the story of a woman in her sixties who opened Nicholas' eyes to a new way of thinking. He shared, "We begin discussing current politics. At the time, the 2016 election was in full swing, so we had a lot to discuss! I found myself not wanting the conversation to end. I was learning new things from Mercedes and was inspired by her fervor for civic engagement and discourse." He shared a few other stories before acknowledging his teachers who in his own words, "shaped me over my 14 years here at EA. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and compassion have inspired and motivated me to be caring and to love coming to school each day. I am reminded of what Maya Angelou once said, 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' You have made me and my classmates feel welcome and valued. You have given our thoughts importance. To be challenged and educated by you all is a true privilege. Thank you."

Middle School Chapel

Monday, March 2 - Hunter Stetson Faith Paper

Hunter Stetson read his 8th grade faith paper in Chapel this week. Hunter is a Presbyterian who has a strong faith in God and a strong faith in the scientific community. Since our culture often sees these two aspects of faith as being in conflict, Hunter has had to wrestle with how they fit into his belief system. Perhaps the most important aspect of Hunter's paper was an explanation of how he resolved this conflict in his own belief system: the concept of Intelligent Design. In addition to his belief in both science and in God, Hunter discussed his strong belief in heaven and in the loyalty and support of his family.

Lower School Chapel

Lower School did not meet for Chapel this week due to the schedule rotation.