This Week in Chapel: March 11-15

2018-2019 Chapel Theme: "Love, not in word or speech, but in truth or action."

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Upper School

Monday, March 11 - Improv Club and The Stripes

Chapel and the Improv Club intersected on Monday. Through a digital random word generator, operated by science teacher Steve Kerwin, students were assigned one of EA's Stripes along with another word or phrase. Pairs of student actors then performed a short skit. Faculty judges (Jamison Monahan, Andrew Newton, and Father Tim Gavin) evaluated the creativity of each skit and how positively it portrayed the assigned Stripe. Seniors Carson Fischer and Carter Valerio acted out the Stripe of Faith with the word prompt dental floss. Senior Jacob Viscusi and junior Arnie Shiva performed a humorous skit around the Stripe of Generosity and the word Calculus. Sophomores Will Hopkins and Morgan Bramwell were awarded the top prize, a banana, for their skit integrating Generosity and a refrigerator. Theater Department Chair Dan Clay, Hon. encouraged students to stop by the Improv Club's weekly meetings to watch or participate.

Tuesday, March 12 - Dora Khayatt Performances

The four winners of this year's Dora Khayatt Music Competition performed in Chapel on Tuesday. Winners include: Karissa Lim '20/Saint-Seans Cello Concerto in A minor, Michael Zhou '21/Transcendental Etude #4 on the piano, Cerena Robertson '19/ voice- I Hate the Bus and Mama Will Provide, Emma Humann '19/voice- Quella Fianna and Maybe This Time. Watch here.

Friday, March 15 - Cat Spellman '19 - Unworthy

Senior Cat Spellman presented a powerful address she titled Unworthy. Cat recalled, as a young child and evolving art student, her quest and frustration to create the perfect works of art. "I've wanted to be perfect ever since I was little," explained Cat. "But because I had complete freedom to set my own standards, I became my own worst critic, driving my naive dream of perfection into oblivion." She explained that her parents, who do not pressure her, encouraged her to explore her passions. "I was granted freedom, but it came with a price. You see, sometimes I take the phrase 'try my best' too literally." Through time, Cat realized that "comparing myself to others was a fruitless endeavor" and reflected on her growth as a student. "Now I'm not saying I'll stop throwing away failed drawings or blacking out canvases, but what I will do moving forward is acknowledge that I may never be satisfied with what I create or do, and that's ok. Rather than channelling that negative energy into self-loathing disappointment, I'm hoping to empower myself to do better the next time around." After Cat's address, Seeing Eye pup-in-training Rae was blessed by Father Tim Gavin, Hon. Rae will leave campus next week for the next phase of her Seeing Eye training. Chapel closed with a performance of Oh Danny Boy by members of the faculty/staff singing group. (Erin Bilbao, Steve Kerwin, Stephanie Ottone, and Rob Maier, Hon..)

Middle School

Tuesday, March 12 - Dora Khayatt Performances

Middle Students joined the Upper School for a performance of the four winners of this year's Dora Khayatt Music Competition.

Thursday, March 14 - Faith Paper Presentation

On Thursday, a student shared a faith paper with Middle School peers.

Lower School

Tuesday, March 12 - Preparing for Mix-It-Up Day

Head of Lower School Dr. Terry Malone, and Assistant Head of Lower School Mrs. Leah Kimmet read the book Lovely by Jess Hong. "Lovely reminds us that our differences are lovely," said Ms. Kimmet, as she shared some of its vibrant images. Dr. Terry Malone, Mrs. Kimmet, and Director of Diversity and Inclusion Ayinde Tate then explained the goal of Mix-It-Up Day lunch. Each shared what makes each of them lovely. The Lower School Mix-It-Up Day lunch was held on Wednesday. PreK joined singers from the Upper School Vocal Ensemble for a special song about kindness and living The Stripes.