This Week in Chapel: February 4 - 8

2018-2019 Chapel Theme: "Love, not in word or speech, but in truth or action."

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Upper School

Monday, February 4 - Sydney Zebrowitz '19

Senior Sydney Zebrowitz shared her experience with overcoming a learning difference on Monday. "Everyone faces obstacles in their lives, big and small," observed Sydney. "It is how we react and persevere in the face of these obstacles that define us." Sydney explained how doctors determined she had dyslexia when she was six years old. A follow-up appointment with a specialist had to be rescheduled. "This turned out the be the luckiest cancellation of my life. A reading therapist named Martha overheard the news and offered to see me." After two years of therapy, using the Wilson Method, Sydney worked hard and learned how to cope with her learning difference. "To this day it is still difficult for me to look up to a board and down to a paper and know my place." Sydney shared her thanks to her family for their support. "My last recognition is the idea of taking our flaws and realizing how essential they are to our own personal growth." Sydney explained, "I wish to one day be a Martha." Sydney was introduced by her twin brother Zach.

Wednesday, February 6 - Upper School Dance Previews

On Wednesday, students gathered in the Mainstage Theater during the Chapel block for a preview by the Upper School Dance Team. The Dance Concert is scheduled for Friday evening at 6:30 p.m.

Friday, February 8 - The Power of Words

Chapel opened with a reading from The Book of James that touched upon the power of language. With help from senior Jesse Bell-Taylor, Father Tim Gavin asked Jesse to squeeze the contents of a toothpaste tube onto a piece of paper. "Now put the toothpaste back in," said Father Tim. "Once the toothpaste is out, it's not going back in. Just like our words, it is very hard to retract them." Father Tim explained that Jesus used words "to build people up and offer mercy." Father Tim urged students to be thoughtful with their words. "Remember to always be kind in your thoughts, actions, and your words." Watch here.

Middle School

Tuesday, February 5 - Celebrating the Lunar New Year

Mandarin teacher Sophie Fu led Middle School Chapel on Tuesday, sharing her expertise and experiences with the Lunar New Year. "It is the most important holiday of the year and it lasts 15 days," explained Ms. Fu. The celebration centers on several traditions including: cleaning, New Year Couplets, the family reunion dinner, the red envelope, and fireworks. The day before the New Year, houses are cleaned, "to sweep away the bad luck and welcome in the good luck," explained Ms. Fu. Two red banners are traditionally hung vertically near the main doorway, "to bring good luck and hope." A decorative Chinese character called "Fu," meaning fortune or good luck, is also displayed in homes. "It is a must decor for the New Year," said Ms. Fu.

Thursday, February 6 - Learning about Black History Month

Middle School English and history teacher Jerome Bailey shared the history of Black History Month with students on Thursday. With the help of students, Mr. Bailey touched upon the significance of specific time periods, 1500-1776, 1789-1896, 1896-1955, 1960-1970, 1976, and 2008 to present. The idea of Black History Month came about by historian Carter Woodson in 1976. Mr. Bailey closed Chapel by sharing a video he produced highlighting African American athletes, inventors, scientists, musicians, actors, educators, politicians, and artists.

Lower School

There was no Lower School Chapel this week because of the rotation schedule.