Celebrating the Legacy of EA's Founder
Celebrating the Legacy of EA's Founder

As students returned from winter break, they gathered at Chapel to learn more about the legacy of EA's founder, Bishop William White.

Head Chaplain Tim Gavin, Hon. used Bishop William White's decision to remove King George III from the church register as an example of living this year's Chapel theme, Love, not in word or speech, but in truth or action.

"As the Head of the Anglican Church, King George was considered a member of each congregation throughout the world," explained Father Tim Gavin, Hon. "Bishop William White [at the time Reverend White] made the loudest statement of any Anglican priest in the colonies. He sided with the young founding fathers of our country and became a patriot to support the cause of freedom for the 13 colonies."

Some considered Bishop William White's action "an act of treason. However, this simple strike of the pen was also an act of courage - courage enveloping truth and action," said Father Tim.

Bishop White was the only Anglican priest in Pennsylvania to side with founding fathers George Washington, John Adams, and Robert Morris. The other priests eventually returned to England and remained loyal to King George III.

Father Tim told students that he hopes learning more about Bishop White and his bold decision will help inspire them to live out our Chapel theme. "He lived a life, not just in words and speech, but in truth and action."

Bishop William White founded The Episcopal Academy in April 1785. He had many other notable accomplishments. Highlights include: Chaplain of the Continental Congress (1777-1789), the first and fourth Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, started the first prison ministries in the United States, and ordained the first African American priest, Absalom Jones, of the Episcopal Church and in America.