The JTerm Daily Five
The JTerm Daily Five

Since 2014, JTerm's in-depth, interdisciplinary courses have provided countless moments of inspiration.

To celebrate the fifth year of this groundbreaking, two-week academic program, we will select five moments to feature each day. Here are the JTerm Daily Five from Thursday, Jan. 11. View previous days here.

Real-World Investigations

The Forensics: CSI@EA (Mitchell) class got a real-world glimpse at forensics when Chester County Crime Scene Unit detectives showed students their lab on wheels. Students also heard from EA parent and Chester County DA Tom Hogan about murder investigations and learned how to analyze blood splatter.

In the Darkroom

Mr. Leslie invited Mr. Hark and Ms. Tierney's classes into the darkroom today as part of his Photography Then and Now (Leslie, Yang) course. Lower Schoolers learned about pinhole photography and photograms.

An Expert Opinion

The Journalist's Lens (Willis, Schuh) class was treated to a special guest today when John Morris '88 visited. The journalist shared his experiences in the field and provided insight about the changing industry.

Not Just Fun and Games

In Games 4 Geeks (Bryant, A. Lavallee), final presentations began as student groups explored game theory as it relates to everything from the Book of Genesis to nuclear standoff.

On the Case

In Mock Trial (Aldridge, Hay), students have spent the week learning the ins and outs of the legal system and are preparing to present their case. Students put the finishing touches on their presentations as witnesses, the prosecution, and defense attorneys. They will argue their case late this afternoon at the Delaware County Courthouse.