Statement of Solidarity: EACIE, Board Task Force, Administrative Team

In the wake of the recent horrific and unnecessary deaths of Black Americans and the ensuing global protests seeking racial justice, The Episcopal Academy has received and carefully read many testimonials from students and alumni documenting acts of racism, intolerance, and bias, particularly toward Black students, during their time at The Episcopal Academy.

These recent events have shaken all of us to our core. The student and alumni letters illuminate, in profound and personal ways, the fact that our school has much work remaining to achieve our vision as a community that values all individuals, and clearly and consistently combats all forms of racism, discrimination, and harassment.

The Episcopal Academy fully acknowledges the harmful and lasting impact of the discriminatory and racially biased acts recounted by students and alumni. We accept that our school bears responsibility for not doing enough to address systemic racism, and we apologize to all who have experienced racism, bias and/or have not felt acceptance and respect within the Episcopal community. As importantly, The Episcopal Academy affirms its intent to move forward swiftly and decisively to address racism, bias, and inequity in all its forms.

The Episcopal Academy Board of Trustees has established and committed its full support to a new Task Force that will join with members of the school's Administration and The Episcopal Academy Coalition for Inclusion and Equity (EACIE) to develop a path forward. This work will drive improvements in our policies and procedures, curriculum, faculty recruiting and training, student experiences, and more. Together we stand for Episcopal's ethics, which explicitly allow no room for the behavior and statements identified in many of the EACIE's letters. Our Stripes represent the values that Episcopal stands for; they are as important today as they have ever been.

The Board Task Force, Administration, and the EACIE jointly seek to ensure that EA is a welcoming, inclusive community where injustices against marginalized and underrepresented individuals are not tolerated. Working in collaboration with our faculty, alumni, and full community, we will achieve this not only by listening to the stories of injustice within our school community, but, more importantly, by learning from them and taking action.

Episcopal views the diverse, multicultural society in which we live as a strength. It informs us with perspectives, imagination, innovation, and depth that a less diverse society cannot possess or understand. Bolstering this strength at Episcopal will ensure that our entire community thrives and continues to educate leaders who drive positive societal change.