Social Media Tips from Tech-Life Expert Stephanie Humphrey
Social Media Tips from Tech-Life Expert Stephanie Humphrey

In her cleverly-titled talk, "Til Death Do You Tweet," Tech-Life expert Stephanie Humphrey reminded Middle School students the risks of posting on social media on Monday, January 7.

"I am not trying to scare you off of Instagram and Snapchat," explained Ms. Humphrey. "What this is, is a few minutes to get you to think before you post."

"I thought the social media presentation was very eye-opening," observed 8th grader Henry Haupt. "I hope to use some of the things she taught us not just in social media but in all aspects of our lives."

Ms. Humphrey explained to students, "Think about if you are okay with posting something that will be with you the rest of your life." She expanded on this thought by showing students how they "are already a brand. You have to think about what you have to do to protect your brand. What people say about you when you are not in the room impacts your brand. It's your responsibility to protect it."

The social media guru shared examples of how social media posts can change a student's academic trajectory- especially as they start to apply to college. "Sixty-eight percent of admissions officers say that social media is 'fair game. I'll use it if I need it.' They are going to check."

"In addition to being very entertaining, the presentation warned us of the consequences for our actions online and how to protect ourselves from making poor decisions," said 8th grader Trent Newbold. "I learned that anything I put online is seen as a part of my 'brand' and can be accessed by anyone that looks up my name. This was a very eye-opening and educational experience."

Ms. Humphrey urged students to, "commit to becoming a better digital citizen. Your privacy settings are not always going to save you."

"It is always good to remind students about the risks of posting. Stephanie Humphrey's presentation was powerful, engaging, and actually fun for our Middle Schoolers," shared Head of Middle School Imana Legette. "Many students were surprised about the depth of their social media footprint. This talk served as a great reminder- especially as we start the New Year."

Ms. Humphrey discussed the perils of social media with Middle School parents in November.