Scrooge Chapel Returns to The Class of 1944 Chapel
Scrooge Chapel Returns to The Class of 1944 Chapel

The live performance of Scrooge Chapel returned to the Class of 1944 Chapel on Tuesday, Dec. 14.

"It was wonderful to have students, faculty, and staff back on the stage this year," said Theatre and Dance Department Chair Dan Clay, Hon. "Scrooge Chapel is one of EA's most loved holiday traditions." Watch here.

Last year, the community enjoyed learning more about the history of Scrooge Chapel at EA with a video retrospective. "But there is nothing like a live performance!" said Mr. Clay.

The performance was especially nice for the seniors.

"It puts me in the mood for the holiday season," shared William Sargent '22.

"This is such a great break from the school day," said Kristin Jorgensen '22.

New Assistant Head of School Chris Torino played the cherished role of the narrator, while Classics teacher Molly Konopka, Hon. returned as the grouchy Eloisa Scrooge.

Upper School teachers Dan Baxter (Harry Potter), Alyson Kurz (Hermione), and Sam Willis (Ron Weasley), brought a chuckle to all with their Ghost of Christmas Past performance.

A mustached Mike Letts, Hon. (Ted Lasso) was joined by math teacher Andrew Newton (Beard) as the Ghost of Christmas Present. And English teacher Lee Billmyer, Hon. stole the show as she stormed the stage as Black Widow (Ghost of Christmas Future).

"Lee Billmyer was great. She was game for anything," shared Mr. Clay. "It was her idea to be a superhero as Ghost 3. Black Widow was timely, and there were a lot of references we could add. She was so fun to work with! I also thought that Mike Letts and Andrew Newton were spot-on as Ted Lasso and Beard. And who else could be Harry Potter but Dan Baxter?"

Students roared with laughter as retired Middle School Chaplain Bert Zug '78 strolled down the aisle in his long-time role as Jacob Marley, wrapped in chains and lime green Grinch face paint.

"Reverend Zug has been Jacob Marley for a long time. He retired in June 2020, so he never got to do his swan song performance," explained Mr. Clay. "We wanted to bring him back for that. I love that we could include a Grinch vs. Scrooge moment."

History teacher Taylor Wright '11 made his Scrooge Chapel debut as the beloved Tiny Tim. Computer Science and Engineering Department Chair Matt Memmo, Hon. aced the role of Bob Cratchit, along with his wife Mrs. Cratchit - Middle School Spanish teacher Meaghan Montgomery.

Middle School Chaplain John Daniels was an adoring Fred, while the Art Department; Ellen Erickson, Hilary Hutchison, Hon., and Emily Tucci; urged Eloisa Scrooge to remember the meaning of Christmas as the Solicitors.

Members of the Domino Board serenaded the crowd to open the show and also played the joyful Cratchit children throughout.

"I was so excited for this year's Scrooge Chapel," said Mr. Clay. "Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make it happen."

"It's really nice to have everyone back in Chapel!" said Upper School math teacher Steve Morris, Hon.

"This feels more like Christmas!" said Ewan Graham '22.

View the Scrooge Chapel slideshow.