Scrooge Chapel with a Philadelphia Twist
Scrooge Chapel with a Philadelphia Twist

This year's production of Scrooge Chapel was the perfect way to begin the last week of school before the start of the holiday break. Watch here.

Narrated by new Head of Middle School Imana Legette, EA's take on Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol did not disappoint and included guest appearances from the Eagle's Jason Kelce (Chaplain Bert Zug, Hon.) and the Flyers Gritty mascot (Cheryl McLauchlan, Hon.).

Classics teacher Molly Konopka, Hon. returned to her role as Eloisa- the cranky Madame Scrooge. Middle School Classics Chair, Steve Bosio was the convincing Bob Cratchit. Mrs. Cratchit was played by Coordinator of Teaching and Learning and Middle School science teacher Grace Limaye '90.

Eloisa's nephew Fred, Middle School history teacher Larry Henderson, tried his best to convince his ornery aunt to lighten up over the holidays.

The ghost of Jacob Marley, Eloisa's former business partner, made a grand appearance as Middle School Chaplain Bert Zug, Hon. bounded down the aisle dressed in a Mummers costume, mimicking the costume worn by Eagles Offensive Lineman Jason Kelce at the Eagles Superbowl parade. "You will be haunted by three spirits. You will be asleep and there will be a timeout when the clock strikes one. The second ghost will come at the second timeout at the stroke of two. Your third and final timeout will occur at the strike of three."

The Ghost of Christmas Past, American painter and PBS host Bob Ross, played by Visual Arts Department Chair David Sigel, Hon., waltzed onto the stage with a blossoming head of hair and painter's easel.

Senior Class Form Dean Cheryl McLauchlan, Hon. delighted students as Gritty when she burst onto the stage as the Ghost of Christmas Present.

A perfectly dressed Cruella de Vil, portrayed by Cynthia Crum, Director of College Counseling, strolled into the scene with a stroller full of dalmatians as the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come. "I will show you shadows of things that have not yet happened, but will happen in the times before us," said the Ghost. Armed with cell phones and colorful fur coats, a group of over-the-top, social media-obsessed millennials snapped selfies (played by Upper/Middle School library staff members Lorie Harding, Alison King, Andrea Yu, and Debbie Castiglione, Hon.).

When Ms. Scrooge sees into the future that Tiny Tim, convincingly played by 5th grade teacher and varsity tennis coach Whit Powell, Hon., dies at the age of seven, Ms. Scrooge has a change of heart. "Let me have one more chance, spirit. I promise I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year!"

Boy, played by Matt Newcomb, Hon., helped Ms. Scrooge spring into action to make Christmas a happy celebration for Tiny Tim and the Cratchit family, which included a hefty raise for Bob Cratchit.

Members of the Domino Club were the supporting cast. The faculty/staff a cappella group sang as the performance got underway and ended with Joy to the World.

The annual holiday favorite was performed on Monday, December 17 during a combined Middle and Upper School Chapel.