Praneeth Alla '19 Wins Prestigious Coca Cola Scholarship
Praneeth Alla '19 Wins Prestigious Coca Cola Scholarship

Senior Praneeth Alla has been named a 2019 Coca Cola Scholar.

Only 150 students are selected for this prestigious scholarship. The program typically received more than 100,000 applications each year.

"I am thrilled to be selected as a Coca-Cola Scholar and for the opportunity to meet 149 other students around the nation who are also dedicated to making a difference in society," shared Praneeth. "It is very encouraging to be recognized by one of the biggest scholarship organizations in America."

Praneeth is one of only 50 students admitted to The University of Pennsylvania's Management and Technology program. "I plan to study computer science and management/entrepreneurship," said Praneeth.

"Whether engaging with business ideas or community service, Praneeth's dedication to helping others is a true passion and guides much of his time and efforts," said Cynthia Crum, Director of College Counseling. "We are so thrilled and honored that Coca-Cola has recognized him as one of their Scholars. Praneeth truly is an outstanding young man dedicated to changing the world around him."

Praneeth will travel to Atlanta in April to receive his scholarship and meet his fellow scholars.

Last year, Praneeth won the Prudential Spirit Community Award for his volunteer efforts.