Nick Christos '20 - International Relations

I have really enjoyed GOA these past two years. I took Arabic last year, and this year I take International Relations. I have always been interested in government and politics and realized that GOA is a great resource for me to explore my academic interests when they are not offered by my school.

I have found my GOA experience so rewarding because I have been able to study what I am passionate about. Due to my GOA international relations class, I decided to pursue that as a major in college. I want to combine IR and political science and GOA opened up this door for me. Taking classes about global issues with students across the world not only makes me curious, but it makes me optimistic to study IR in college and learn more about how we are connected and how global diplomacy works.

GOA has allowed me to demonstrate my interests to colleges. I am able to take what excites me and dive into fascinating material. While a student's GPA is important, it is more important to have the freedom and courage to explore subjects that will drive you to influence the world around you.