Blue vs. White - A Mystery Meet

Swimmers and divers spent their President's Day holiday competing in the team's annual Mystery Meet.

"The mystery meet is a meet with many twists and turns," explained Coach Brian Kline, Hon. "It normally takes place in December over the holiday break, but we adjusted the schedule this year."

Events were loaded into a computer randomization queue and swimmers and divers were split into Blue and White squads. "As the swimmer gets to the blocks they have no idea what the event will be until the randomizer pics," said Coach Kline. "In a split second, they can either use a double card, which doubles point totals, or they can use a substitution card and change the athlete on the block."

The Mystery Meet included 12 individual events and three relay events. Divers rolled dice to see what dive they had to complete. Forty-two swimmers and divers competed.

"Huge races this year were in the 200m breaststroke, 25m freestyle, 25m breaststroke, and a crescendo relay at the end" said Coach Kline. "In the 200 breaststroke, the Blue Team's Jack Montgomery '24 gave everything he could to chase down captain Riley Hurda '21. The race shaped up to be an epic finish and was too close to call in the end!"

With the abbreviated winter athletic season, coaches have adjusted training schedules to help swimmers and divers stay focused and continue their progress. "Building connections on the team and keeping student-athletes safe on and off the deck have been a priority," shared Coach Kline. "It is imperative that the athletes stay active and engaged during these unusual times. We worked hard this season to put out a product asynchronously and synchronously to help our athletes thrive."

When the points were tallied, the White Team won the day, 152 to 121.

"We are proud of our athletes for adjusting seamlessly to the situation and look forward to seeing more great swims and dives in our final two meets of the season," said Coach Kline.