Military History Students Learn About National Security at Special Conference
Military History Students Learn About National Security at Special Conference

Military History students traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the 11th Annual Jamestown Foundation Terrorism Conference.

"The purpose of the event is to inform the attendees about the different trends of terrorism and counterterrorism facing our global community and the United States," explained Upper School history teacher Max Kelly '06. "The speakers are the leading experts in a variety of subjects within terrorism studies."

General H.R. McMaster was the keynote speaker.

"It was really incredible to be able to see H.R. McMaster unveil the key points of the new national security strategy that will be officially released on Monday," shared Daisy Learnard '18. "It relates directly to what we've been studying in our class regarding American doctrines. It was also a great opportunity as Americans to be among the first to hear how the country is going to be protected."

"It is not often that someone can say they received an update about our country's national security from the president's personal National Security Advisor or listened to the former NSA and CIA director," said Mr. Kelly.

Along with Mr. Kelly, Episcopal alum Bill Richards and Jamestown Foundation Chair Willem de Vogel arranged the students' visit.

"I'm really grateful to Mr. Kelly and Bill Richards '63 for arranging this trip and allowing us to see real-world application of our studies from international experts," said Daisy.

"The time spent in this conference demonstrated the complex challenges our global community faces. The threats from salafi-jihadism, state-sponsored terrorists, and inspired militants are constantly evolving. Therefore, we need to adapt to improve our weaknesses and to maximize our strengths to be successful," said Mr. Kelly.

The conference took place on Wednesday, December 13 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.