May Term Minute: May 24
May Term Minute: May 24

May Term (formerly JTerm) is a two-week academic program in which students and teachers explore a diversity of innovative topics in great depth. Every day, we will highlight a few moments from May Term in our May Term Minute. For more updates, follow us on Instagram or Twitter.

May Term Day 5: Friday, May 24

Art Revolution toured the Barnes Foundation to learn more about the Impressionist masters. They observed how African masks provided inspiration to Picasso's portraits, and stopped by the Rodin Museum before returning to campus.

Deep Dive gave students a new perspective of some of our oceans' most fascinating creatures, as students dissected sharks. All 400 species of sharks in the ocean share the same basic anatomy. Their cartilage skeletons allow them to be buoyant and move at high speeds.

Students in the Galapagos snorkeled with turtles, got up close with the islands' many iguanas, and helped in the effort to plant trees.

Leadership Development and the Military History of Philadelphia saw history up close with their trip to the Museum of the American Revolution. Opened only two years ago, the museum features interactive exhibits about the earliest days of our nation.

Science and Engineering in Action visited the historic Wings Field. Students learned about avionics, flight rules, and aircraft maintenance. Students were then able to fly a simulator and take a demonstration flight with a certified instructor.

Traditions, Culture, and You stopped by the Lower School to teach kindergarteners about the culture and traditions of Dia de los Muertos. Kindergarteners had fun coloring sugar skulls and learning about the holiday.