Kindergarteners Mark the New Year with a Junkanoo Parade

Kindergartners in Jen Rea's class celebrated the Bahamian custom of Junkanoo.

Junkanoo is a parade with colorful costumes, music, and dance that takes place to mark Boxing Day and New Year's Day in several English speaking Caribbean countries.

"Everyone dresses in costumes to celebrate," explained Avi.

"They are celebrating their African heritage," shared Evelyn.

"We learned that in the Bahamas, people enjoy the Junkanoo Parade on Christmas Day and New Year's Day too," explained Mrs. Rea.

It is believed that the tradition started several centuries ago when enslaved descendants of Africans were granted two days off around Christmas. "They would celebrate their African heritage with storytelling, dance, music, and costumes," said Mrs. Rea.

"The costumes are made with crepe paper," said Anne.

"And they are really colorful!" shared Meredith.

Students researched the type of costumes and instruments typically used in the annual parade and made costumes for their own parade to the Lower School lobby.