Lower School Musicians Meet EA Alum at Dunwoody Village Performance

Members of the Lower School Ensemble Club shared their musical talents with residents of Dunwoody Village on Friday, March 8.

"The Dunwoody Village performance was very meaningful for our students," said music teacher Deb Newnham. "The audience enjoyed listening and singing our songs. Creepy Crawlies had the residents giggling at the sound effects created by the trumpets."

One of the audience favorites was I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy- played by 5th grader Rees Piontek. "Everyone knew the words. One jubilant singer in the front row sang and marched to every song," said Mrs. Newnham.

"It warmed my heart to hear them sing," observed 5th grader Ryann Newcomb.

The students were thrilled that a member of EA's Class of 1952 was in the audience. "We performed Episcopal, Episcopal in honor of Mr. Craig Tenbroeck '52, who came with his wife to the concert. What a treat for us to meet someone who attended Episcopal Academy," shared Mrs. Newnham.

Lower School students also distributed handmade cards to residents. "The cards provided an avenue for our students to introduce themselves to members of the audience," said Mrs. Newnham. "More than 25 cards were individually handed to each member of the audience." The cards were made by student volunteers earlier in the week.