LONG WAY HOME in Crawford Campus Center Gallery through Oct. 4

LONG WAY HOME, an exhibition by EA photography teacher Ellen Erikson, will be on display in the Crawford Campus Center Gallery through Oct. 4. Ellen will give informal Artist Talks on Friday, Sept. 17 and Wednesday, Sept. 22 from 12:15-1 p.m.

"I was raised in a land of cowboys, mountain men, vast prairie expanses, rugged mountains, and daunting wilderness. Montana's wildness and openness was instilled within me and became part of my essence. My work deals with the sense of place and is deeply influenced by my connection to the landscape that surrounded me while growing up in the northwestern region of the United States. I work instinctively and find meaning out of making."

Ellen Erikson's photographs reflect the artist's personal journey and perspectives. Her work is poetic and inspiring; an invitation to head off on an adventure ... to the unknown outside. The exhibition, LONG WAY HOME, includes three separate bodies of work, each of which explore a narrative: the artist's story. This immersive experience resonates with us all. Ellen is also showing a special project, collages made from cyanotypes created and discarded by EA students.

Ellen Erikson teaches photography at The Episcopal Academy. She is both an educator and artist. Her main medium is photography, but also works in mixed media, ceramics, and metalsmithing. Ellen is from Montana and has lived in Austria, South Korea, New Zealand, and Ireland.