Larry Henderson, History
Larry Henderson, History

Hometown: Haverford Township

College(s)/Degree(s): University of Delaware: Bachelor's in Political Science; Eastern University: Master's in Multicultural Education

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Why do you like teaching at the Middle School level?

Middle Schoolers are still at a place where you can continue to shape them. They can still be influenced and led in the right direction. I love teaching, but I even more so love helping to shape good citizens and good people.

On top of that, they're just plain fun. I love their personalities and their commentary, and their humor. Middle School kids are so funny.

I always tell people, "Kids don't care what you know until they know that you care." As a man of faith, I believe that we are held accountable by God for how we shape these kids. We must ask ourselves, "How can we make an impact together? How can we work together as a family? How can we strive to be great?" My students know that I will treat them with respect and hold them accountable, and I always tell them to hold me accountable as well.

What is your favorite lesson/unit to teach? Why?

I love teaching about the Middle East in 8th grade. There's constant drama there, and it's always changing.

We start with ancient history, including Biblical texts: Moses, Abraham, and Isaac. We paint the picture of how Israel was formed, discuss Islam's claim to the land, explore the history of both cultures, and then bring it into the modern day. At the end, we ask ourselves, "What can we do to make this better?" This lesson asks students to not repeat others' mistakes, to get along with everyone, and to love each other. If we learn to love each other, life will be better. We will stop looking at differences and instead focus on what unites us as people.

What is your favorite thing about teaching at EA?

The EA community offers unlimited resources for each child to achieve success. When teachers have the permission to do what they do well, opportunity improves for each student. Having the ability to make sure that every student achieves his or her maximum potential encourages me to be a better teacher.

Speaking of teachers, we are passionate. The energy here is contagious. No one here wants to be mediocre. Everyone wants to do better, and EA's limitless professional development helps you do that. Whether I am volunteering, attending a conference, or even on vacation, I'm thinking, "How can I incorporate these places into my curriculum?"

The students genuinely appreciate what you're doing for them. You can develop positive relationships with students, and our students are truly extraordinary. Their focus on success is in line with that of the faculty and administrators here: This isn't your run-of-the-mill school. People go above and beyond.

What is the "typical" EA student like?

I think EA Middle School kids are childlike yet driven. They're enjoying being children but they're also driven to succeed. Even 8th graders still play at recess, but in the classroom, they're serious kids who want to do well. They make good choices. Learning is cool here. It's cool to be smart, and it's cool to strive.