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Lacrosse Coach Josie Tomaino Named Coach of the Year
Lacrosse Coach Josie Tomaino Named Coach of the Year

Varsity girls' lacrosse coach Josie Tomaino has been named Coach of the Year by US Lacrosse for Eastern Pennsylvania.

"I'm so honored to receive this award," shared Coach Tomaino. "I believe it is a reflection of all the hard work our staff and players have put in this year. Without their dedication, we would not have been nearly as successful this season."

Coach Tomaino helped lead the team to its third consecutive Inter-Ac Championship. The team ended the season with an impressive 18-1 record.

"I'm very grateful to work with such a fun and motivated group of young women. The credit for this recognition really goes to them!" said Coach Tomaino.

The team slogan for the season was "All In," which included Coach Tomaino who had her first baby in February- the week before the season started. "I did a tremendous amount of planning," explained Coach Tomaino.

"Our slogan framed how we approached everything on and off the field," said Coach Tomaino. "We committed to doing the little things: fighting back in the ride, battling for every ground ball, setting picks and working hard off ball for each other. The success of our team is a product of each person's investment into our season game plan."

The team broke several individual records and reached multiple milestones. "We sealed our league title outright, making it our 20th championship in program history!" said Coach Tomaino.